Holistic Health – Initial Worksheet

How well do you know how your physical body works?

How much does your strength, stamina and endurance vary during the day?

Do you recover faster from illness and health challenges than others your age?

How well do you pursue physical leisure activities and interests every day?

Does your mental outlook and attitudes change several times a day?

How often do you seek out and pursue new mental challenges?

Are you taking on more responsibility for decisions in your work?

Are you good at handling finances and personal resources?

Are you comfortable and at ease in social groups?

Do you maintain family ties and friendships for a long time?

Would others say you are a compassionate person?

Do you sometimes lose self-control and later say you are sorry?

Do you ever experience a higher purpose and calling in your life?

Is it important for you to follow certain religious beliefs and practices?

Do others recognize your ethical conduct and service to others?

Do you look for and support the greater common good and community?